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Who are we?

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Street-level research, engagement, and investment.

We are a diverse group of professionals volunteering our time to help communities become safe, clean, and beautiful through street-level research, engagement, and investment.

Why do we do it?

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We believe that everyone will be needed to create change, and we are more effective together.

What do we value?

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Our number one value is no one is hungry, ever. 

That might seem like a strange number one value, but we often work in situations where food is not secure. It is hard to work past hunger. 

Ten years and many communities later, when folks evaluate our interactions, food is always at the top of the list of things people love about us. We strive to create environments in which the extent of food in someone’s household is not evident nor an impediment to being a full participant in activities.

Other values that we all agree upon are:

Strong relationships are the only acceptable outcome; that is the work.

Learning goals are more important than teaching goals.

Everyone’s input is solicited and valued.

What about leadership?

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We practice shared leadership. Roles rotate to ensure that everyone has to a chance to not only shape the outcomes of projects, but the culture of our organization. The sharing of leadership roots out unconscious bias, promotes healthy growth, and fosters our ability to innovate. 

How do I become involved?

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