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Camp Star — as named by the first participants — provides high quality youth programming in eastern Alabama. Some activities include: summer day camps, horseback riding, water safety, field trips, and teen leadership development. Camp Star programs are free for participants and staffed entirely with volunteers.

The value of strong relationships and personal accountability is a focus of all activities. Most of the funding for Camp Star is earned by the leadership team (12 to 18 year olds). We strive to provide unique opportunities for young people to plan, fund, and deliver youth programs in their own communities. 

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There are untold stories that occur in the margins and folds of our communities, stories that happen away from the concentration of our society. Stories that sometimes make people so uncomfortable that they cast stones of judgement.

Stone Catchers are people that are committed to telling stories that truthfully reflect the community, they are committed to promoting a healthy dialogue, and, yes, if necessary, they will catch a stone or two.

A fair distribution of transportation resources is at the heart of healthy communities. Through innovative civic engagement, we assist communities in identifying existing transportation facilities, assessing conditions, and making recommendations for improvement.

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